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Control and integration technology to protect the flexible packaging machinery


Increasing market requirements prompted the packaging machinery industry should continue to seek new ways of development in recent years, in order to reduce production costs, packaging companies are considering the construction of flexible production lines, complete the business and ultimately flexible and efficient manufacturing servo control system to provide support. Seen in the development of packaging production line, the control with the integrated product technology plays an increasingly important role.

To accomplish a higher speed, more flexible production purposes, traditionally mechanical components currently more functions implemented by the servo system is done. Columns such as electronic cam with electronic gear replacement without "hard / mechanical" high-precision mechanical connection between the cam synchronization with the gear, multi-axis. So, packaging production line not only need interlock control, but also fast high-precision servo control. Can meet the above functions integrated controller / system than separate independent servo controller PLC control programs have brought more benefits to users at all angles programming, debugging with maintenance.

To complete the flexible production, packaging production line requirements of each process section of the device tightly coupled to each other, with the other requirements of the packaging production line production line mutual interaction. Because different controllers are not the same as the process control segment or production lines, which brings different coordination between the controller problem. Therefore, the International Packaging Association User Organization (OMAC / PACML) position of the object encapsulates structured, standardized machine state management functions, and accordingly, the integrated control system to ensure that users of this feature can be completed in less time with the cost of the entire line , or even the whole plant synergistic.

Completion of flexible production, real-time control system also means that this data should be two-way communication of information integration capabilities of relational database management system with the factory production. In other words, from the pool to generate orders and production scheduling management software production control commands to be able to promptly delivered to the packaging production line control system; Moreover, packaging production line control system will be running with the production of the state to be able to give back in a timely manner production information management system.

In order to complete the continuous production of larger systems with less recovery time of more users are aware module can support hot plug, quick access to diagnostic information with centralized network management and maintenance of the packaging production line control system has a value with benefits.

Overall, the flexible production not only changed our mode of production, the product packaging is more flexible, more open up our development ideas, so many rounds of packaging machinery market reform, accelerate the innovative thinking better to enter commercialization, so that the potential of packaging machinery play better, to reach a new level of China into the international ranks to become "creative power" to lay a solid foundation.

This makes packaging machinery industry to start a whole investigation connotation flexible concept, namely the amount of flexibility, agility and flexibility of supply structure. For packaging machinery has good flexibility with flexibility and enhance the degree of automation.

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