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U.S. packaging machinery demand was gradually rising trend


In recent years, the packaging machinery industry with the growing demand for food industry continues to increase, reported that U.S. domestic demand for packaging machinery from 2005's $ 5.686 billion growth in 2006 of $ 5.854 billion, an increase of approximately percent three.

This will be from the country after the 2001 recession the dollar amount of packaging machinery domestic orders fifth consecutive year of growth. The continuous strong growth momentum in large part be attributed to continued U.S. economic growth, strong cash position of U.S. companies, improve capacity utilization, as well as efforts by manufacturers to install the latest high-tech equipment to further improve packaging automated production lines in order to reduce costs and improve labor productivity.

Major U.S. packaging machinery is growing rapidly is because:

With the new technology on the mechanical end-users increased awareness of the inherent benefits, is expected to further stimulate the upgrading of old machinery. In the first half of 2006 are expected consumer spending will remain strong momentum, thereby creating demand for expanded packaging capabilities.

End users collectively realized through increased automation package to reduce labor costs, increase productivity urgency, thus continuing to stimulate demand for new equipment. New products are expected stock-keeping unit (SKU) continues to increase in business volume in 2006 increased mechanical sound basis.

In addition, the consumer packaging industry continue to focus on packaging innovations (ie, design, construction and materials), thereby further stimulating demand for new machines. Powerful influence on the supermarket and retail chains packaging requirements continue to be an important positive factor in stimulating packaging machinery business. Expectancy will further focus on ergonomics, safety and security products and related packaging machines.

Potential consumer demand trends mechanical stimuli in such a favorable impact on demographic changes (particularly ethnic diversity and population aging) to promote the product specialization, varied diet and nutrition theories compete with each other to promote the proliferation of new products, consumers expect choice of size and shape of the packaging enhancements, such as increasing consumer convenience foods (such as a portable food) needs.

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