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Packaging machinery production line imported technologies need to break the siege


At present, the domestic packaging machinery industry remained in a state of rapid development, but the irrational industrial structure has retarded the pace of development of the industry. After a long period of market expansion, the industry has entered a restructuring and consolidation of the stabilizer, which also increased the difficulty of change.

From the beginning of the 1980s, China's annual import large quantities of soft drinks and beer packaging machinery, has introduced the momentum is still unabated. These machines are mostly high-speed automated production lines, high reliability, high yield, some of the equipment is the most advanced models.

It is understood that a wide variety of U.S. packaging machinery, advanced equipment, but in order to adapt to the competitive international market, they also continue to research and develop more advanced packaging machinery and equipment. At present, more advanced packaging machinery mainly blow molding machines, injection molding machines, paper and plastic processing machine; various massive, granular, powdered, liquid packaging machine; forming, filling and sealing machine metering and handling tray machine; for boxes, barrels containers stretch wrapping machine; various control quality sorting machines; packaging testing machine performance testing; washing machine, sterilization machine and automatic production of large corrugated box production lines.

United States not only to develop advanced packaging machinery and equipment, but also paid great attention to the packaging cushioning materials, such as tape, packing materials and mechanical equipment research and development. Production of packaging cushioning materials are polyethylene and polypropylene, low-foaming material may be selected according to the needs of different packaged goods. These materials are in the shape, structure, and other aspects of crop variety, both to protect the goods, but also save the packaging materials.

Introduction of these production lines, so that some Chinese enterprises drinks and beer packaging to pace with the level of developed countries. Meanwhile, China's packaging machinery production has also made considerable progress, some filling and sealing equipment has reached a higher level of integration, including plastic beverage bottles, aseptic packaging and labeling machine molding equipment, including packaging production line level has been the upgrade has to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses, and some may have to replace imported equipment, and export volume increased year by year.

Complete sets of large-scale production and packaging lines dependent on imports of much-needed improvement in the situation, while the introduction of over-reliance on technology has been hampered domestic packaging machine into the international market, boulders, many large well-known domestic manufacturers already have independent R & D capability, let us the device is capable of more consistent, and our country is now also given high marks research, strong financial support, the future so that Chinese brands can ride in the world.

The future, towards the development of intelligent packaging machinery will improve the level of intelligence can make production efficiency and further improve product quality, energy saving, low consumption, environmental protection, resource saving production equipment will further enhance market competitiveness. And China's packaging machinery companies need to recognize the disadvantages of learning foreign advanced technology, continue to strengthen the domestic packaging machinery market competitiveness.

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