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Enhance the level of packaging machinery and equipment quickly


Today, the packaging machinery industry has become one of China's machinery industry in the top ten. While continuing to expand the scale of China's packaging machinery and equipment, and is accelerating the optical and electrical integration, automated manner. Have made great progress in terms of filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials and other production equipment.

However, domestic exports of mechanical equipment is very meager, less than 5% of GDP, imports and output but roughly the same. This indicates that China's demand for packaging machinery gap is large, but compared to the domestic and foreign products packaging machinery, technology level gap is still large, far from meeting the domestic demand.

There are a lot of new packaging technology to build new thinking on the packaging. Packing new thinking means to transcend existing packaging technologies and products that will be applied to other related technologies in combination to form a new packaging technology on the packaging, including packaging cut this aspect technologies, packaging curing technology, packaging and functional protection technology, packaging and processing combination of technology, packaging features borrowed technology. In addition to several outside said earlier, there should be some other techniques, such as live fresh material packaging technology.

With the emergence of new packaging materials, some of the packaging process technology has also been new changes. Such as the emergence of self-dry stretch film, making wrapping, shrink bundling processes into one, simplified operation and quick. This solves a lot of packaging, processing integrated treatment process, directly borrowed packing mechanism, packaging and processing to achieve integration, the greater the potential and effective packaging.

China's development of packaging machinery industry is growing so rapidly, we can imagine how the intensity of competition in the market is. Thus, companies continue to find ways to put only the faults of others into their own advantages, continuous learning, innovation can only survive in the cracks to stand out among the many manufacturers, so that they are not being eliminated in the fierce competition and enhance their stability market position.

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