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  • Product name: HOMG series of high pressure homogenizer
  • Product number: b-10
  • Time: 2013-12-23
  • Views : 285

This series of high-pressure homogenizer is my company's traditional products, divided by the pressure 25MPa, 30MPa, 40MPa, 60MPa, 70MPa, 80MPa, 100MPa seven series, more than 100 traffic rose from 20 tons per hour. This series of products at home and abroad on the basis of the existing structures made ??many significant improvements, the overall better performance, better meet the specific needs of domestic users.

Structural features

1.gearbox part forced lubrication system, oil pressure pump to convey to every place needs lubrication, most reliable equipment operation to ensure that: (11KW or less free of the system);
2.Forced cooling system enables the lubricant to maintain optimum state for a long time to ensure that equipment is reliable, high-intensity running: (11KW or less free of the system);
3.Combination of hard and soft plunger seal structure;
4.Using a large range gauges, pressure gauge long life;
5.High stiffness regulating device, loading and unloading are easy.

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