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  • Product name: Single-leaf pump
  • Product number: b-17
  • Time: 2013-10-31
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Specifically to address the transport of materials containing large particles specifically designed and manufactured, its unique shape and curve of the form it has incomparable superiority in other pumps, in the course of transportation of materials can effectively avoid particle breakage is transported particulate matter containing preferred feed pump.


Fixed speed output: Output speed is constant, the flow is not adjustable.
Mechanical friction type stepless type: the use of manually adjusting the output speed to achieve a form of regulation, which is characterized by safe, reliable, torque, flow stepless adjustable. However, the adjustment range is relatively small. The advantage is relatively low in consideration of the case can be adjusted to achieve a flow. Frequency control type: the use of frequency control to achieve the output speed stepless, and then realize stepless adjustment of traffic. Has the advantage of a high degree of automation, easy to control.

Installation form

(1) Installed on the shaft
(2) Under the shaft installation
(3) Progress under the mounting

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