After years of development, Shanghai Precise has a certain strength in the field of food equipment and engineering. The company has five production bases in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hohhot and Parma, Italy, with some internationally leading technologies and products (aseptic paper can production line, aseptic glass filling production line), several internationally advanced technologies and products (aseptic Container flexible production line, aseptic soy product production line, pea, potato protein extraction production line) and a number of domestic leading products and technologies (aseptic brick bags, plastic bags, dairy products, beverage engineering and PET filling).


In order to achieve the long-term goal of the second take-off, the company is sincerely looking for a group of people with lofty ideals who are loyal to the cause, have outstanding abilities and have lofty aspirations to join. Positions range from general managers and deputy general managers of the head office and subsidiaries, as well as technical backbones and sales professionals in various product fields. Sincerely hope that the wise people in the industry (including the company of Pulisheng) can recommend themselves, and the chairman of the company will communicate with each other in person to write a new chapter for Precise!


Contact Details:

Contact: Manager Wang, Manager Zhu
Tel:+86-21-57213955 to 231