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Full-automatic flexible packaging machine
Full-automatic flexible packaging machine
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  High speed, high sealing quality, high filling accuracy, high automation, low failure rate, low operating and maintenance costs. Mainly used: pasteurized milk, fresh milk, yogurt and other low-temperature products, packaging, sterilization and other long-term or secondary products.




The new automatic control system, the Mitsubishi programmable logic controller, Proface touch screen interface for easy operation.
High-speed models greatly improve productivity, 250ml bags of milk production can reach 7200 bags / hour.
Pneumatic control horizontal sealing, vertical sealing, then the film, sealing quality is greatly improved, then the film continuously without stopping production, packaging materials and reduce the loss of milk.
Stepper motor drives the main traction to avoid the risk of penetration of the chain of transmission of oil pollution caused by the filling chamber.
Unique temperature control system and the sealing structure, greatly increases the rate into a bag, reducing the production and consumption of the film.
All stainless steel frame body, beautiful and durable.
With world-class electrical and pneumatic components to ensure good operation of the device.

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