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Full-automatic sterile flexible packaging machine
Full-automatic sterile flexible packaging machine
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This machine adopts full pneumatic structure, PCC intelligent programmable computer controller, stable operation, simple operation, low maintenance costs. Product upgrades, 9000 China launched the first high-speed machines.



Product Features

Feature films are particularly good adaptability. Users of the package material supplier selection is more room for better ensure their real interests;
Extends a small deformation of the film. Because our device uses a special traction mechanism, particularly small traction on the membrane, so that deformation of the membrane also very small, to protect the safety of packaging;
Interactive real sense, all of the control directly controlled by the touch screen. Adjust the temperature, speed, length of the bag, sealing time, filling volume and other production parameters are set on the touch screen directly issued by the PCC signal to the implementing agencies to achieve control. Certain parameters can be adjusted. You can use films with different thicknesses according to different needs.
All actuators are pneumatic control portfolio costs stone, the agency is simple, reliable, easy to adjust, no wear, good performance is repeated many advantages. Has a long life.
Uninterrupted send film to ensure that no damage.
With a fine-tuning mechanism to facilitate filling, micro control adjustment in 1 to 2 grams of very convenient and quick.
Rapid and effective alarm system to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment operation. Where there may be a fault in the operation of the control points are equipped with an alarm mechanism.
Packaging industry with the most professional PCC control system, using the world-class brands - B & R industrial control systems, fast response speed, stable and reliable performance.
Real-time monitoring system using materials to ensure the accuracy of filling accuracy.
Special cursor tracking and positioning control, tracking and positioning particularly accurate and fast boot time and cost savings.
UHT system equipped with communication and linkage control, ensure the output quality.
We are the only country to provide turnkey aseptic entire line of businesses, including high-pressure homogenizer, UHT, aseptic packaging machines and pipe installation, sterility testing and technical training.

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