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Full-automatic UHT ultra-high-temperature tubular sterilization machine
Full-automatic UHT ultra-high-temperature tubular sterilization machine
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Product description
Mainly used in milk, various color milk, vegetables drinks, coffee mate, cream, soy milk, lactic acid drinks, juice, ketchup.

Main models and application

We produce ultra-high-temperature tube sterilization machine with specifications, complete series, high degree of automation, we not only produce professional ZY-TUHT-A series of complete unit supporting the use of aseptic filling machines, but also provides specifically for the treatment of fresh juice milk, yogurt, beverages and other materials ZY-TPAS-M, ZY-TPAS-A, ZY-TPAS-S series units.
Currently we produce ultra-high-temperature tube sterilization automatic machine has been successful in Bright, Kat Lin Guangze, Mengniu Dairy and medium-sized enterprises, such as hundreds of aseptic filling equipment to provide support.

Main technical characteristics

Man-machine dialogue in the true sense, automatic control system, any operator needs only a simple induction training can operate;
With automatic alarm and fault handling system that can effectively eliminate the output of substandard products;
Comes CIP system, automatic cleaning in place at any time. Start having to rely on the CIP workshop total road system;
Aseptic packaging machine equipped with communication interface, communication achieved with aseptic packaging machine connections, ensure the reliability of the product output;
All control elements are imported international brands, control accuracy and reliable quality assurance;
Easy maintenance, repair process only need to replace the O-ring, without any bulky tools.

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