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Large-scale horizontal high pressure homogenizer (manual pressure regulation)
Large-scale horizontal high pressure homogenizer (manual pressure regulation)
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Product description

Considering the large equipment companies in the actual operation of the importance and major mechanical parts in operation, reliability and stability of the equipment from starting to 55kw (including 55kw) horizontal structure made ??of more than one device.

Technical Features

1. Fully enclosed stainless steel styling, safety, health, beauty;
2. Housing modular modeling, rapid assembly and disassembly can be achieved, which will help maintain and upkeep.
Transmission parts:
1. Lubricate transmission parts using a unique splash lubrication with a combination of forced lubrication pressure lubrication, security and reliability can be greatly improved;
2. Alloy steel crankshaft forgings manufactured with superior strength and durability;
3. Hardened external gear box design, reliable performance, easy maintenance;
4. Equipped with separate forced cooling system with a special lubricant out of the cooler for forced cooling, the oil temperature to ensure operational requirements, to meet long-term stable operation of the device.
Fluid end parts:
1. Integral pump design, strength and life to get a reliable guarantee;
2. Quick-release valve, valve seat design, easy assembly and disassembly;
3. Seat using double-sided design - with a double life;
4. Adopt sanitary diaphragm pressure table shows the pressure gauge manufacturer reliable performance from the world of the brand.

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