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JHG series of experimental high pressure homogenizer
JHG series of experimental high pressure homogenizer
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Product description

JHG series of experimental high-pressure homogenizer is our company according to market needs, combined with advanced technology, to optimize the design of existing technologies introduced after the country's first horizontal structure of the first experimental high-pressure homogenizer. Caused by the introduction of the majority of users, is currently the most reasonable, the best performance of experimental high-pressure homogenizer.

Structural features

1. Using the horizontal movement of the plunger structure, compared with the experimental plunger vertical (up and down) movement of the plunger which can spray cooling water, thus extending the life of the piston seal;
2. Material will not leak into the tank, does not pollute the external environment;
3. Part of the gearbox lubricant can make connecting rod, crosshead effective lubrication, no traditional equipment is required before each boot grease trouble working;
4. The overall shape of a cube-shaped, stainless steel housing, beautiful and easy to operate;
5. Work just 1 liter material can do experiments.

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