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QZD full-automatic high pressure homogenizer
QZD full-automatic high pressure homogenizer
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Product description

QZD series of automatic high-pressure homogenizer has "five automatic" refers to when entering the production line, "auto power and pressure," "automatically stop and relief," and in the absence of cooling water supply when "automatic shutdown."

Structural features

1. Remote control can be implemented: the homogenizer with an electrical control cabinet, signal reception before the procedure and controls for heterogeneous machines running and lifting homogeneous stress.
2. Cooling water protection device, when suddenly without water cooling pipes, the device will immediately stop, play a protective role.
3. Pre-set one, two homogeneous pressure required, after starting the device automatically rises to set a good pressure.
4. There are emergency stop button, used in case of emergency, the emergency stop on the artificial cabinet.
5. Security Avoid operator misuse, greatly improve the utilization of the equipment.

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