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Toothed colloid mill is driven by a motor through the transfer belt drive (or rotor) with matching set of teeth (or stator) as opposed to high-speed rotation, the material to be processed (which may be generated by the pump) by weight or external pressure itself plus spiral downward pressure impact force generated by the physical action of a strong shearing force, friction, high frequency vibration, the gap setting, turn between the teeth (adjustable gap) is through, the material is effectively emulsified and dispersed and grinding, fine grinding and emulsifying materials to achieve the effect.

By Industry

1. Food and beverage industry: milk, soy milk, peanut milk, condensed milk, cream, mixed cheese, a variety of fruit pulp, natural beverages, food additives, and other various spices.
2. Chemical industry: paints, emulsifiers, heavy fuel oil, a photosensitive emulsion, latex, resin syrup, a thickener, bentonite, flavor, silicon materials, carbon black, magnesium oxide, titanium oxide and the like.
3. Cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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