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Cam rotor displacement pump known as colloidal pump relies on a reverse rotation of the synchronous rotor (2 to 4 teeth) generate a suction inlet (vacuum) during rotation, thereby transporting the material to be inhaled. Two rotors the rotor chamber into several small space, and then order a → b → c → d operation. Operation to a location, only I room full of media; to position b, B closed chamber portion of the media; to position c, A is the chamber is full of media; to position d, A Room B Room and II room interlinked, media Jibei delivered to the discharge port. So the cycle, medium (material) i.e. continuously transported out.


Food and beverage categories: dairy (yogurt), latex, chocolate, syrup, cheese, wort, beer, soft drinks;
Fruit concentrates: pudding, jam, jelly, tomato sauce;
Paste products: fats and oils, etc.;
Cosmetics: creams, detergents, hair gel, perfume oils;
Drug Class: extract, toothpaste, syrups, emulsions, pills paddle, etc.;
Chemical Industry: soaps, dyes, fats, solvents, resins and polymers;
Meat: Meat latex, crushing mess, pet food, ham.

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