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High-pressure dispersion emulsifying machine
High-pressure dispersion emulsifying machine
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High-speed disperser emulsifying machine is used for continuous production or recycling processing needs dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing equipment broken high-performance materials. Its core component is a set of mutually engaging 1-3 multi rotor and stator; are open to the stator surrounding a certain number of slits. The rotor rotating at high speed, the centrifugal force generated great material to be processed (slit) ejected from the slits in the rotation, and the joint action of the stator, so that the material to be processed by the force of two ways: positive force and forcing it through the slit to prevent resistance to its adoption. Meanwhile, when the material to be treated is discharged from the slit, the slit also by the shearing action, the shear force generated by rotation and the rotation of the stator relative motion under the action of the force that the materials are more homogeneous, emulsification.

Main features

1. Also known as centrifugal homogenizer, particularly suitable for pre-processing section of material;
2. Has a large capacity, low power consumption, suitable for industrial continuous production;
3. The treated material with a narrow particle distribution, uniformity and good;
4. Saving, high efficiency, energy saving, high efficiency;
5. Assembly and disassembly is simple, easy to clean, to meet the needs of different occasions CIP cleaning;
6. Has a certain self-suction and low-lift transport function;
7. No dead ends, material 100% by dispersed emulsion;
8.Low noise, smooth operation, easy maintenance.

By Industry

High-speed dispersing emulsifier suitable for a variety of media crush liquid powder group, mixing, homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying and accelerate dissolution.
Food and beverages: dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, soy milk, fruit juice, jam;
Chemical industry: oil, grease, disinfectants, pesticides, photographic emulsion, rubber paddle, paddle resins, thickeners, flavors and fragrances, silicon materials;
Cosmetics industry: detergents, conditioners, shampoos, lotions, perfumes;
Pharmaceutical Industry: injections, drug emulsions, creams medicine, health products, medicine paddle preparations;
Paper industry: pulp, adhesives, injection, resin emulsion
Petrochemical industry: emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, emulsified heavy oil, diesel oil emulsion, lubricants, silicone emulsion.

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